Saturday, 31 January 2009

Just through Willington

Willington, supposedly, should be full of promise-but it didn't really work for us. The visitor moorings, as so often happens, have been given over to winter moorings & we had to bash in pins, through the town (well we didn't stick pins through the town, obviously), in very unstable verges. We had to stop as we were desperate for food and we needed the shop & something to eat. Never has the larder been so low & we have family visiting for lunch tomorrow. Did the essentials and moved on towards bridge 25. Now need to leave at 8.30am to get to the water park at Branston (far side of Burton Upon Trent) before the family get there-we're currently in nowhere land, without vehicular access, as is our wont. We really are quite irresponsible!! I'll find some photos and stuff, but as of now we are far to busy stuffing chickens & chopping veg. Well, we thought we'd meet up at Willington but it didn't work out. Such is life.

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