Tuesday, 20 January 2009

We're still here!

Made a phone call to the BW office this am - Rivers Soar & Trent both still in flood, so walked the dogs back to Pillings Lock to see what was happening on the actual river. Lesley & I had it half in mind to walk back to the welcolming Navigation PH back at Barrow for a glass of coke. However, the water was all over the towpath & anywhere it could get really - not wanting a coke that badly......
....we turned back & off the towpath to let dogs do what dogs want to do. One of these 3 has the ball, but I don't think they much care which. When you're up for a rumble that's all that matters!

... and then there is the dog whisperer (I wish I could get Muttley's attention like this) & then Fletcher, of course, fell in the cut but fished himself out this time.
Well, no rain today & if it holds off tonight, maybe we'll be able to make a run for it ahead of the imminently forecast several days of heavy rain. It all adds to the spice of CCing in the winter-we just need to get onto the Trent & Mersey.

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