Monday, 5 January 2009

Home Alone

My friend Sarah kindly drove our car to us when we explained our predicament, so Graham, Joe & Lesley are off to find Lesley a replacement for her camera which fell out of her pocket & landed in the cut whilst she was washing down OUR boat. Sea searcher & landing net proved fruitless. Do I feel guilty? of course I do, but don't tell Lesley or she'll only milk it! I handed Graham a shopping list & opted to stay & look after the boats (ie grab the computer whilst we have a connection) it's a tough job but someone has to do it. However, it may cost me dear - letting Graham loose with a credit card near technology is a very dangerous, if not downright fool hardy, thing to do.
Woke this morning to the sound of maintainance guys trying to rip the bottom off of our boat by roaring through one and a half/two inches of solid ice in their barge thingy at full tilt. I didn't know that Graham could get from bed to side hatch in under a second - pretty impressive acceleration for a big guy. Words were had. Many of them started with the letter "f".
Also woke to glorious sunshine and a few inches of snow, so wandered down to the next lock to assess the situation. Afore-mentioned barge thingy eventually managed to break the ice, after abandoning the front dredger butty, and had gone down through the lock (leaving the gates open) so maybe they will be able to move on a little tomorrow. However, if the 3 of them are going to crew 2 boats in these conditions, they really do need to get both boats in together and that isn't going to be possible until some of this ice melts.
Daisy & I are off to Norfolk in the morning and, I have to say, if they bump my mother off the op list AGAIN, I shall be using a few choice words. There is no way I'll get custody of the computer so, apart from trying to get one of this mornings pics on, that'll be me done 'til I get back.


  1. I think we'll all be sitting around for a few days with the forecast. Love the photo of the cat on the gunnels!
    Nb Gypsy Rover

  2. It's a great photo, but I really wish she would stop doing it - it's NOT good for my stress levels!