Wednesday, 21 January 2009

....and we're STILL here

Except we have moved up to Bishops Meadow lock in anticipation of getting the all clear on the Rivers Soar & Trent around lunchtime..except we didn't.....everything is still in the red. Met fellow blogger Trevor & his Border Collie, Bill off NB Beau, whilst hovering around the lock & scratching our heads.

This little patch of new territory (all that is available to us currently) once again highlights the incongruity of Leicestershire. Fabulous rolling, open countryside of pastures & woodlands, picturesque villages, beautiful architecture in the towns and fantastically well marked footpaths with well maintained gates and styles (just follow the yellow posts). This one is just below here and a new copsed area has been planted either side of a paved walk. Wonderful!

Then, in between the two, is this!

And opposite (photo withheld in deference to the squeamish) is a piece of grass containing a BW sign and a water point. I am not exaggerting when I say that it is not possible to put my size 5's down on that piece of grass without standing in dog shit. When I was 19 I went off to Paris as a very excited teenager to see what was reputed to be one of the most romantic cities in the world - I came back from the city of dog shit very disillusioned. Sadly my memories of Leicestershire (North of central Leicester anyway) will be the same: memories of rubbish & dog shit-what a shame. Stratford canal has poo bins & free poo bags at every lock & footpath intersection - no problem there.

Not that these two mind, not a care in the world!


  1. Hi Jill & Graham.
    Thank you for visiting our diary, I have added you to our blog mates, hope that is ok?
    We know Trevor and Bill very well. The reason Trevor got Bill is all my fault, as he saw Paddy and asked where we got him, on explaining he was from the Border Collie trust, Trevor went and saw them and came away with Bill, whilst in Stone. Say hi to him for us will you, if you see him.
    Ohhh dog shit, that is a pet hate of mine and I am very good at getting on my soap box about it. I know exactly how you feel though. There are no bad dogs just bad owners and I know exactly what i would like to do to the dog owners who let their dogs shit outside of our boat or any where on the towpath... But thats another story.. Happy cruising, see you on the cut sometime... Jo

  2. Since writing that blog we enjoyed a couple of pints with Trevor & Bill (Muttley, Baxter, Floyd & Fletcher-Joe & Lesley) & your involvement with his aquisition of Bill - no "fault" there, only joy. What a great dog & Trevor is quite nice too!