Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It's our anniversary- the end of our first year on MR

1 year ago we moved 2 dogs, 2 cats 2 people & the sorry remains of our worldly goods onto Matilda Rose. We've had our share of trials & tribulations, scrapes with paint (us), heavier ones (with hireboats), each other (what relationship doesn't?) smelly encounters with sewage sytems, mysterious flash leaks &, most sadly, goodbyes to lovely old Ted who didn't quite make it to this landmark. Would we move back to bricks & mortar? That is an absolute NO. Just scan back through a few days of photos; I can't believe anyone could swap back by choice!
So here we are at Branston (sub area of Burton on Trent) home of the pickle. We've left Derbyshire & are now in the jurisdiction of East Staffordshire Council. They have converted a gravel pit into a Water Park & conservation area where they tell you what you CAN do. Disabled angling pegs, remote control boat sailing, bird feeders and tables with a hide that caters for all sizes from toddlers to giants, duck feeding areas, picnic areas & all the necessary supporting facilites; somebodies have sat down and really thought about providing for everyone. Congratulations East Staffs-job very well done.
Specific areas for dog dipping; so he did.
The family turned up, were fed & did a bit of dog cuddling and then fed the ducks in the park as the snow started.
So Monday & Tuesday have been gloriously white,
although we have found a design defect in Tibetans, look at the iceballs on Muttley & Baxter's feet - we had to defrost them in a washing up bowl of warm water.


  1. Happy anniversary! The first of many I hope

  2. Thank you Greygal, if we have our way we certainly shall