Friday, 30 January 2009

Glad to be off the Rivers

I took these photos of the River Trent about 3.30pm today. Despite having had very little rain recently, I would NOT want to be on this lot on a NB. We're in Derbyshire now; our yellow post footpath markers have disappeared & the dog poo bins have come back-together with rickety styles. Saw a footpath sign yesterday, "Lady Bower Resevoir 55 miles". Does that make us officially "up North"?

Little Muttley doesn't stand much chance against Floyd, but when his dad comes in to help.......woops there goes another rubber tree...


  1. May Fiona and I wish you a very happy birthday. We are delighted to hear that you are still enjoying Matilda. Circumstances have meant our booting has been very limited this year but hope to see you soon on the cut

    Ken and Fiona

  2. Cheers guys, we are enjoying every minute, it seems like only yesterday that we were taking the keys to 'MR' from you in Banbury. Hope 'AR' is all you wish, happy boating