Thursday, 15 January 2009

Dicing with the River Soar

Yesterday our hour of daylight saw us moored up by Thurmaston, outside Watermead Country Park, which was lovely paved footpaths around the lake. The forecast for the next few days predicts a lot of rain & turns this river into a no go area very quickly, so we decided on an early start to push onto Barrow and a "safe" bit should the river go back into flood. From Sileby Lock round to Mountsorrel lock it started to get a bit hairy & the indicator board was virtually on the red. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, we reversed back out again & moored up!

Daisy quickly made herself at home & so did we in the pub for lunch. Lesley & I left the fellas logging previously collected wood whilst we walked into the town in search of much needed haircuts-by the time our mission was accomplished, the wood was logged & the river had dropped, so we moved onto Barrow as originally planned arriving in the dusk with our nav lights on. I am having a day of rest tomorrow as I wish to spend 2 or 3 days exploring here and Loughborough. If the forecast is accurate we won't be allowed through Barrow Deep Lock anyway.


  1. Barrow Deep Lock is one of the things I remember most from our Leicester Circuit in a hire boat a few years ago. It rained almost every day, but the river was still in the green. But below the lock the river comes storming in from the left, while there's a bridge to get through on the right. I remember going through the bridge hole at what seemed like a hundred miles an hour, and the brickwork being very very close. I imagine it could be even more scary when the river was running faster.

  2. What's the name of the nice looking boat going under the bridge ahead of you in the photograph?

  3. Adam, we are yet to do the white water under the bridge, doesn't look too bad at the moment as the light is still on green, Sunday may see a little bit of brown!
    Anon, I've never seen Caxton before and I'm a little short sighted!