Friday, 23 January 2009

Water, water everywhere.........

...thank God some drops to drink! Guess what? We're still here and after last night's rain likely to be for some considerable time. It's funny how you can spend years in a house & think nothing of it; quite content to escape on the odd holiday. Then you move onto a boat and decide to continually cruise and either weather conditions or BW stoppages dictate that you will stay somewhere for a week or two and you are in danger of feeling deprived. Get a grip woman - we have water available (albeit in a slightly tricky manoueuvre), we have a copse and a chain saw in reach; a supermarket in a 2.6 mile round trip; a grotty pub about one mile trip and a good one on a 5 mile round trip; Daisy has a monumental mouse park & we can walk the dogs for England (albeit across waterlogged fields). Is this deprivation?........I think not. Is my life miserable? it hell. New recipes to be tried out tomorrow..might even find time to finish my book or get the water colours out; cupboards need sorting and boats need polishing.

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