Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Another dirty dash - from Sawley Cut

Woke this morning to this Heron perched on the gin palace opposite-he must have sat there for nearly an hour.
Whilst peoples were filling up with diesel at Sawley Marina & the lovely Vanda at BW was warning me that the river Soar was closed again and the River Trent was likely to be closed shortly & that if we wanted to get through to the Trent & Mersey Canal we should already be moving, my suggestion that we get diesel further up on the Canal (no one desperate) fell on stony ears,


ambled up to set the Flood Lock, now well up the amber, & came across this Angling Club sign - I prayed that this was not an omen of Derbyshire to come.

This picture of Caxton (behind us) crossing the Rivers Derwent & Trent into the mouth of the Trent & Mersey Canal looks crazily serene, but look at the water to port &, if we had been closer, you would have seen biceps bulging against the pull on the tiller & rather white knuckles!! As we entered Derwent Mouth Lock the boards were on red and, as we moored up & walked into Shardlow, all traffic lights behind were firmly on red-both rivers closed.
Lovely architecture down the banks of the canal & loads of pubs, but not much to see away from the towpath.

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