Monday, 27 August 2012

Prepare to get broody Debbie and Kevin

OOOOOOh it's a baby Airedale. Hit St Ives today with a large market going on. I bought a new hat and then trundled back from the top end of town with the shopping from Waitrose's.

 Daisy was just being immensely smug and laid back
Then I met this little chap. Very, very cute, but Teddy you are still more beautiful and you too Rupert
Just a gorgeous heap of scruffiness


  1. Aww. Puppy Airedales are always a bit raggy but they grow Ito handom dogs. Home now.

    1. That's not raggy, that's just gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as Ted and Rupert. Sorry you are home - missing you already!!!

  2. Used to live in St Ives, is the Bank Hol market still good, it was very large when we lived their.
    NB Centurion

  3. Sadly not very good Andy, it's all socks and knickers now. It's no longer big. Still love the town though.