Monday, 20 August 2012

Such good company on the Fens

NB No Problem left us  a legacy of their good friends Kevin and Debbie on wide beam Avalon and we have been, on and off, running together down the tributaries with their gorgeous Airdales Rupert and Ted - they are very large (the dogs and their boat) and it is really nice to sit and chat to people opposite you rather than peer down and round in a long line!
When we came out here 2 years ago we were struck by the sociability and our re-visit has not been disappointing. You keep bumping into people (hopefully not literally) so hello to No Problem, Harnser, Avalon, Cobweb, Breezy, Lucky Duck, Dave, Natalie & Danny and, of course, Yarwood who we will meet up with again in two or three weeks. All of whom have provided us with very good company

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