Thursday, 23 August 2012

No room at the Inn

Leaving the EA moorings at Pope's corner we had to continue in the wrong direction to the Lazy Otter before we could wind and head off down the River Cam. We thought we might stop at The Five Miles From Anywhere Pub at lunchtime but, due to the nicely spaced cruisers, there was no room at the Inn - perhaps every other one had left.

We spent the night at Waterbeach and, walking the dogs towards Clayhithe past the Cambridge Motor Boat Club, I was pleased to see this trailer tent had emerged from it's watery flooded surrounds of a month ago. I was surprised that it hadn't been moved though

A very pleasant walk around Cow Hollow Wood although am I the only one thinking that this is looking a bit autumnal?
It was lovely to be off of the rather bleak and overgrown flood banks onto grassy tracks and woodlands
The boys appreciated it too
Baxter in particular absolutely loathes long grass, thistles and stinging nettles
So onwards into Cambridge

although not all is picturesque - some of these punts in the main tourist areas are being used as rubbish tips
with no attempt to clean them up - I don't understand why not
Tomorrow sees me having a minor op to remove a tooth that has finally decided to appear some 50 years later than it should have - growing through the front of my gum instead of the tooth line. Certain friends have offered me teething rings and to exhibit me along with woolly mammoths when the tusk grows through fully!!! I bet you can't guess who that was. Nah - I think I'll just have it cut out. I suspect I won't be chomping on steak tomorrow night (or very much else for that matter) so a hearty breakfast is planned.


  1. Hope op goes well, sounds like Jelly and ice cream for tea!

  2. Good luck Jill, I will be thinking of you.

    That rubbish is a disgrace on those punts, it looks awful and can be seen from the walkway too. I suppose somebody can go clean it, but by the next day it will be the same again no doubt as the litter bugs walk along there! Seems to be the thing to do these days somehow.. how sad

  3. Thank you both - will let you know how it goes (I hate jelly).

  4. I don't know who you are referring to...all I said was that 'if both tusks grow we might make a bob or two'...

    Hope all goes well
    X Lesley

  5. If the cap fits.....oh well, as long as you buy me a pint out of the takings