Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We're heading back into Cambridge again

We seem to be seriously stuck between Denver, Earith and Cambridge (plus the Rivers Lark, Wissey and Little Ouse). It was mid June when we came across here and we still haven't set off through Earith to Bedford and all lovely bits in between. Friday I have an appointment at Brookfield Hospital in Cambridge for a bit of minor day surgery; so it's back down the Cam for us. Then, HOPEFULLY, all being well, we shall finally leave this bit and head on our way on Saturday. We have just discovered that the Northampton Arm is closed in September so we can't get out until October anyway. Goodness knows how long we'll get caught on the beautiful, but cantankerous River Nene by then - we normally are back on the safety of the canals by October.

Summer flowers on the River Wissey 

 Beautiful walks
 and one of my favourite moorings - we enjoyed an excellent, spontaneous bbq here with Yarwood and Avalon
 Winding in a rather tight spot on the Little Ouse (aka Brandon Creek) before returning for fuel, gas and eggs with Danny and Natalie at the Little Ouse moorings. Our fuel tank, supposedly, holds 180 litres and we put in 176 litres!!
 Further down the Lark we share the little used Isleham Lock with Yarwood
 Before mooring up at Judes Ferry House Inn and being joined by the widebeam Avalon who breasted up against our two boats - winding in the slipway here was a doddle and the lock to the head of our navigation here is the most beautiful part of the river. We're 66ft long so don't let anyone talk you out of doing it - many tried to dissuade us
 I wish I'd had one of these then so that I could have continued onwards


  1. That canoe would fit on MR's roof wouldn't it?

    Enjoying your posts - and the photos - we really must go and explore the Fens (having failed to get there in 2010!) - it looks beautiful.

    Our perverse British weather is often better in the Autumn so I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Nene being manageable..

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. We're all at the mercy of the River Nene, whatever time of the year!!

    One of those canoes would fit provided that I can stop G escalating
    it to two dogs, room for a pony and a 6 man tent - mind you; does that mean I can get to keep the 6 men?