Sunday, 26 August 2012

That was some storm!

Amazingly, most of it missed us, but we enjoyed both skies and pyrotechnics

 I think Muttley was taking his wack wack to appease the Gods!!
 This morning dawned bright and sunny and - at last - we headed off down the Old West River
 Our lovely cattle had us up early as the boys took exception to them leaning on our boat at 7.0am
 Through Earith lock and a much needed pump out (phew!!! - or should that e pooo!).
 No sign of the seals - just a Cormorant drying it's wings
 Dogs were not very lively today
 Smart traffic coming the other way.
 Moored on the GOBAs by the Pike and Eel - G fishing and boys having a ball with the lady Staffie from next door. Nicely placed to pop into St Ives for the big market tomorrow and pick up my cousin on Tuesday
PS Sorry about yesterday - I'll try not to do it again


  1. No need to apologise for anything you write (unless you've been rude about greyhounds!) - after all, it is YOUR blog!

    Fab photos - at least you got some benefit from the stormy weather!

    When are you heading back to the Nene? Must talk to Greygal's weather genie so that you get past the river safely.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Me? rude about pizza nicking Greyhounds - never. The Northampton flight is closed throughout September so I'm not sure - especially if I'm being incarcerated at Addenbrooks

  2. Amazing skies great photos. Don't apologise about bearing your soul, very brave me thinks. My mother is hale and hearty at 82 today, I read all of Bone's posts.... like others I am sure shed a few tears at the thought in time this will be my loss too.

    1. Lisa thank you - but you can't, of course, live every day as if it was your Mum's last. That's just the way life is. When she's gone, of course, you'll beat yourself up. 82? a mere baby; tons to go yet xx