Sunday, 13 May 2012

Baxter pushes his luck

Baxter spent a considerable amount of time whining at Daisy to get her out of 'his' chair ('her' cruising bed, but normally 'his' when we are moored)  After getting whacked for poking his nose in he ambled off for awhile - having won the battle she, eventually, deigned to let him share. This is a first after 9 years of living together although neither of them are looking exactly relaxed.
 So Saturday dawned bright and sunny; no wellies or wet weather gear needed and I was quite happy to leave my new wet weather jacket in it's bag for a bit a lot longer. We set off for a good walk with all the footpaths now flood free. Our first treat of the day - and the driver gave us a toot as Lesley and I jumped up and down on the bridge waving madly like something out of the cast of The Railway Children old biddies.
 Having crossed the railway, we walked round the Ferry Meadows lakes or, as someone we stopped to chat to called it, Furry Meadows. Such were the number of rabbits sitting about in the sun - amazingly neither Floyd nor Muttley spotted any of them as they were sun basking rather than running - the two dogs were so busy looking down the burrows that they missed them all, thank goodness
 Glorious weather and glorious countryside
 I've often wondered 'why' trees are pollarded, well here's one reason
 and here they are - all pollarded in Short Meadow

 Ferry Bridge again looking very different from the pic I put up 10 or so days ago; The arches are all clear of the water and the reflections undisturbed - all looking very benign


  1. Daisy does right to 'hiss' when somebody's taking her 'cruising' chair..
    (poor dog)
    hope she didn't eat that nasty rodent which she caught... ugh !!!
    At least she's a proper cat eh!!!

  2. Baxter and Daisy really look cute in that picture! They're such an adorable bunch.

    1. Albert thank you but I don't think adorable and cute necessarily 'define' Daisy!

  3. Anon; yep she ate it - oh well, saves on Felix