Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dog friendly pub site

Lesley raised the issue of dogs in pubs and, specifically, dogs in pubs that do food, the other day. This is a permanent source oif irritation to us both. We respect any publicans right to not have dogs on their premises, but are driven demented by being given the excuses that it's, 'against the law', 'against hygiene regs', 'against health and safety', etc., etc., etc. We know that the only regulatory requirement is that dogs are not allowed in food preparation areas (I tell this to Baxter and Muttley on a daily basis). So I thought I would Google the definitive wording and print it off so that I could hand out a copy to anyone offering me any of these, to them, mellifluous excuses in the future.

Easier said than done, but my searches did come up with this fabulous web site
It only allows the likes of you and me (the users) to add pubs (not the pubs themselves) and they also have to do good beer/wine and good food (at the level they pitch for) to be nominated. There is also an excellent map which allows you to search for nominated pubs in your area.

See, as promised, not a picture of water to be seen - therefore no pictures!!!

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