Thursday, 3 May 2012

Feeling like Bear Grylls poor relation

There I was wrestling with the rabbit ready to go in the pot on the fire when I saw a blur of high vis jacket and 2 x2o litre water carriers on a fishing trolley. It was Roy Smith from the Environment Agency - thank you very much
G then took pity on Daisy and took her out on her harness
The main purpose of the Daisy/harness routine is to ease our consciences as it certainly doesn't provide her with any excercise
 she just hunkers down and refuses to move
then, all of a sudden, she made a dash for it and the front piece of the harness gave way leaving G with only the most tenuous of threads via the dog flexi-lead to the bit round her belly - I didn't know G could run that fast as he took off in hot pursuit!


  1. Just hope D is OK, did you get her back ?
    never mind G, his fault anyway,
    bless him.
    Hope all is OK & glad you got water.

    1. Daisy is fine and G needed the exercise! Very reassuring to receive water