Sunday, 6 May 2012

Oh no - not more camera problems

After spending a fortune on a Nikon Coolpix and dropping it down the loo, then buying another after the insurance company replaced it (with about £70 worth of deductions) and dropping it on the towpath and then sending one off for repair and it coming back bust and returning it again, only it got smashed in the post and the post office refused to pay up as Nikon hadn't kept the return packaging (well, they wouldn't would they) and then I'd spent a lot of money and still didn't have a camera. Phew...deep breath. So I spent a small amount of money on a shock-proof, water-proof camera of far inferior quality with the view that it wouldn't be too delicate for the job. It was in my pocket when the rain made it damp due to a leaky waterproof jacket, but why should I worry - it's an underwater camera.
Imagine my horror when I took these photos today - no it's not low cloud or pouring rain (for once); it's fug on the lens
 ignoring that for the moment, our footpath lay this side of the fence
 basically along the newly formed stream (you've had one day free from water pictures)
 and the pub obviously realises we'll be here for a while and organised a delivery of our favourite Woodfords Wherry
but what's happened to the camera? I really couldn't handle starting another warranty battle.

All is well I think; in the aforementioned damp pocket is a nasty (long) forgotten sweetie bought home for my dearly beloved - I think sticky sweetie might be what's on the lens - relief!


  1. Hello from Chris, (we met at the sailing club area in Thrapston~discussing the best place to see Kingfishers!)

    What bad luck you have been having with your cameras, just wondering if your new 'rugged' one is a Fuji Finepix? if so, they have a very good forum and photography site: lots of photographic help and encouragement etc.

    I have been following your blog, it is amazing that when we chatted, there was talk of some canal ways being too dry to navigate! and ever since then it has chucked it down!

    Loved reading about and seeing your photos of Daisy's harness, most amusing.

    It is so interesting looking at your photos and seeing where you are, I am so pleased we stopped and chatted to you, still I guess you must chat to a lot of people along the way!

    We are going down to the sailing club today (weather permitting) as they are having and open day.

    Take care,

    kind regards

    Chris & Peter

    1. Hi Chris, it's a Fuji XP (well that's what it says on the tin). Thanks for that - it might be encouraging as the size of the manual is certainly daunting. I think it was sticky on the lens, I'll try it out again today. I'm glad I haven't bored you to death yet - we haven't come very far since we met! That was probably the last time we spoke to anyone - since then it's been too wet to chat!! Don't disappear, it's always nice to hear from you. Hace a fun day at the club. Jill

    2. Just a quickie! from Chris

      Did you ever meet Derek & Dot of NB Gypsy Rover? they are from NZ.


    3. Chris, yes we did and became good friends - how did you meet them (their blog is still running in their motor home in NZ)?

    4. Hi from Chris,

      I noticed their blog on the right side of your page under the heading 'my blog list' I had a read of their blog and noticed they are now in NZ.

      We toured South Island in a camper van in 2009 so it was of great interest to us, they are visiting the same places as we did, one in particular spurred me on to contacting them, we stayed in an Apple and pear orchard with a lovely NZ couple, very generous and we think it may have them who had been leaving the free apples and pears in the laundry!

      We are returning to NZ in December and will be touring the top part of North Island by hire car, Derek & Dot may also be in that area at that time and asked for our email, maybe we will meet up!!

      Hence the saying 'it's a small world'

      I did some NZ blogs on the Fuji website and I sent them links, my blogs consist mainly of photos, not a detailed blog like yours, a photoblog actually! this is just one I sent them:

      You may be intersted to have a quick look, if you have nothing else to do! :)

      We decided not to go to the sailing club ans it was SO wet!

      Kind regards,

      Chris & Peter

    5. Chris, it would be brilliant if you can meet up - they are great people.

  2. Well if I had to be stuck I wouldn't complain if it was within reach of a few pints of Wherry! We will be drinking that this weekend when we go sailing on the Norfolk Broads with a gang of friends - if the Broads are not flooded! Do the Broads flood I wonder.......
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. Kath, do you here me complaining? Same pub has a beer festival starting Wednesday. I just happen to be on the Broads at the moment and am available to crew from Weds on!!! Could probably find a cat sitter for Daisy and will have finished my wheelchair duties. Lived here for years and no idea about Broads flooding - only the encroaching salty stuff. Have a great time. Jill

    2. Kath, I can't seem to leave a comment on your blog - I was trying to extol the joys (and fears) of river sailing. I'm by Filby Broad at the moment

  3. Hi Jill and Graham
    It's Marc and Kate from NB Button End.
    We are trapped at Irthlingborough waiting for the waters to fall.
    What's it like now where you are?
    We forgot to exchange mobile numbers at Fotherighay.
    Could you email me at ?
    Many thanks.

    1. Hello lovely people - sir phoned and recounted your tales of derring do at Irthlingborough bridge; VERY scary. I thought you'd be sitting at the bottom of the N'hampton Arm waiting like rats to leave the sinking Nene by now! You are stuffed for decent beer/pubs there - try the village the other side of the river if, of course, it's not flooded out. Did I mention that we are in walking distance of a beer festival that starts Wednesday?