Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Environment Agency chappies visited

"our" lock this morning and reckoned it would be at least a week before we get out of here. I'm rather enjoying it  - let's face it, it's a hell of a lot nicer than being iced in in Birmingham for 55 nights. I did advise them that water would become an issue quite soon, despite our best rationing endeavours and they asked David Barnard to give me a ring (EA R Nene Inspector), he reckons he can sort us out with water, but I don't know in what format.

Anyway, that said, we set off  for another 3 hour walk with water sloshing over the tops of our boots. Yes, I have wellies, but you can't do serious mileage in wellies without getting very sore feet; well I can't anyway - difficult choice that; blisters or trench foot?

So here's the state of the 'water where we live' today
 No changes here then
Our walk today took us to, The Prince of Wales Feathers at Castor. Very dog friendly (Boneos all round)  and very well kept ales I had a pint of Woodford's Wherry and a rabbit supper for £3.20 - OK so the rabbit had to be carried home, skinned, gutted and cooked first. What did you expect for £3.20?
 Smart house in Castor - looking very French. I did nip around to the servant's entrance and ask the chauffeur to move the car for my photo but he was most uncooperative
If you walk as many miles as we have along the Nene Valley, you must get lucky at some stage and spot the train. Lovely.

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