Saturday, 12 May 2012

There is a feeling in the air...

...that we might be able to move the boats on Monday. OK there's been a load more of the black stuff (and I don't mean Guinness)
 But our footpaths are starting to reappear from under water
 and we have been able to get to the beer festival at Castor without wading
 The levels are also starting to come down in the river
 Leaving behind the usual detritus
 Yesterday Lesley and I went into Peterborough and did a bit of retail - new waterproof for me (not only is mine now leaking (probably suffering from water fatigue) but it also has an irremediable sticky pocket due to the aforementioned sweetie on the camera lens incident. Followed up with a sandwich at Morrisons (we girls know how to have a good time) and a major grocery shop.
 In the evening Joe kindly offered to drive us all to The Prince of Wales Feathers (it's a short walk but a long way round by road) as The Dead Rabbits ( a Pogue 'replica' band) were playing at the beer festival. The pub was sooooo packed that we didn't really get to hear the band, but we did have a good evening.

Whilst we desperately need to get the boats to Peterborough services and the water rationing has been a bit tedious; the Environment Agency has taken excellent care of us and others trapped in this area and we have had a lovely time in fabulous countryside if willing to take on a'webbed foot' approach. We were probably the luckiest of boaters to get stuck where we did. Despite being into our third week now, I will still happily spend a few nights here on our way back.

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