Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Have we missed spring & summer?

We delayed our return to the North Stratford due to the strong winds, but the forecast was worse still for Sunday so we filled with water and set off on Saturday. We were surprised to come across this blanket of leaves impeding our progress, it was just like autumn. I hate travelling when its windy, he - understandably - gets very stressed and I do everything wrong.
 It was generally miserable and overcast so the pictures didn't come out too well
 MR turning onto the N. Stratford at Kings Norton junction - the dogs and I failing to keep up with the wind driven rocket man.
 Under the disused wooden guillotine stop lock, ready to thumb a lift, out of the wind's impact on MR
 On Sunday we went exploring in the new parkland off of bridge 4 - it's good now, but will be glorious when it's matured.

 We helped the boatyard move some boats around in the wind to make space for MR
May not look an ideal mooring to you and I, but rummaging under these huts was Daisy heaven.

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