Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bum, piddle, wee wee.....!

 Monday we had a phone call from Lyons Boatyard to say that they agreed they needed to fit the Vetus engine mounts, so yesterday am, with the weather forecast in the 'plus' we decided to head back to B'ham and the North Stratford.
 We winded, with some difficulty due to ice, and headed off towards Netherton tunnel.
 Rupert and Dylan were in the tunnel taking photos (Rupert that is, not the dog) as we left - hopefully he'll forward them to us; being a photographer they'll be loads better than any of mine (look at Northern Prides photos - what a difference a professional makes).
 Passing under the double arches of the old main line and along the tunnel branch towards the junction with the new main line
 I love these old lock cottages, now totally modernised but still looking timeless in this strange light
 All went fairly well, albeit slowly, until we tried the 90 degree turn onto the main line- he thrusted, I bashed, cyclists shouted encouragement and the dogs hid under the table
 After a 108 point turn (I never exaggerate) and an hour and a half we had travelled some 150 yards and the propeller was fouled
 with this lot, so we called it a day hoping for an overnight thaw as we are stuck in the middle of nowhere in the nether regions of Dudley Port - oh; and I lost all my photos of High Bridge/ex Brewin Tunnel and Saltwell Woods when I had that storage overload problem.
so, as I said at the beginning, bum, piddle, wee wee........!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh heck. Not the best place to be stuck. Hope you had a peaceful night (despite the trains) and are now on your way again. Sue & Dave

  2. Hi Sue and Dave,
    We had a quiet nite, no problems, this morning a two and half hour cruise and we're now back in Brum, broke 1" ice all the way, best of all have had a couple of pints in the Prince of Wales, life is restored.