Thursday, 10 February 2011

Well done Lyons Boatyard

After the Sunday boatyard shuffle to make room for MR, we woke on Sunday morning to a  ' bridge' across the canal - G was adamant that he had tied the front rope of the boat in question. I believe him.
 The yard rectified our vibration problem by redoing the job and replacing the engine mounts they had suggested, with the recommended Vetus mounts - no arguments, no hassle, no charge (we just paid the difference in mount costs) and there is now no more noise or vibration in our living quarters than if the genny is running. When you fork out a load of money for a job and it's not right it leaves you with a big sick feeling of, at best, hassle and court cases. Not so here; everything was put right with no quibble or ill feeling. So thank you Sarah.
Then look who turned up - I assumed she was round to borrow a cup of sugar but, no, she was after G's sewing machine. My boys were delighted to see her of course, but no Floyd & Fletcher???
The two boats will be back together very soon to continue our much delayed cruise to Chester (fingers crossed)

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