Thursday, 3 February 2011

High Bridge & Saltwell Woods-tech dept found the photos

In 1858 the 75yd Brewin's Tunnel was opened out to form this steep-sided cutting and this single span bridge was built to carry the existing road across. The walkers on the towing path give you some idea of the scale.

 The Black Country is the butt of many jokes and is much maligned - yet another lovely woodland area, behind Lodge Farm Reservoir, is Saltwell Woods. Birmingham is not only central to our history and canal network but it really is a very special area; yes it has it's dumps; but doesn't everywhere? A little bit of effort finds some very special places.
G's lovely daughter Karen doesn't follow our blog 'cause it's too country for her - she's right, here is a load more 'country'

and one very happy, exhausted, dog
It's a hard life!

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