Monday, 14 February 2011

A tour around B'ham University Campus

Waiting to have our new solar panels delivered here to The Vale, so took a walk through the University Campus as I'm getting very fed up with the race track mentality of some of the cyclists round here on the towpath and Daisy is in danger of getting squashed by joggers! Oooooh how I hate cyclists on towpaths - which is, of course, not fair as many are perfectly pleasant; but sometimes, grrrrrrr.


  1. A lot of towing paths have been designated cycleways in the past few years, I suspect it is to say the waterways have a wide interest group and so attracts finding. Well that's what I tell my self every time I jump for my life as a cycle wizzes behind me.

  2. Hi Brian, I have decided that if they do not slow down that I shall stand my ground with my mooring rope tensioned and see how they deal with a 16 stone grumpy old man!

  3. Lycra loputs - they're everywhere now- and so bloody sanctimonious about being 'green'.
    We have designated cycleways in our village, installed at conciderable public expense. Do they use 'em? Guess! The road seems to have a strange manetic attraction to thir wheels!