Tuesday, 20 July 2010

St Ives to the Hemingfords

G went off to his mum's, returning on Saturday in time to join Hilary, Alan and I for a pint in the excellent Oliver Cromwell, just off the quay. They were moored in the town on NB Heiland Rame (or something like that); we had just kind of got nattering (as you do) and rather hit it off so we ended up enjoying a Chinese meal together as well.
We left Sunday morning leaving Noble meadow to enjoy it's dragon boat racing
and moored up at the Hemingford GOBA moorings although our gang had to share with a few other 4 legged beasts
Not that Daisy was concerned - she was so happy to be free again after her incarceration on a lead in the town
Fabulous walking around the beautiful villages of Hemingford Grey, Hemingford Abbots and Houghton.

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