Sunday, 18 July 2010


Last Saturday our very good friends, Pete and Sally, came over to cruise with us for the day and brought my Mum with them. This was a very special day for me as, at the age of 92, this was the first time my Mum had seen Matilda Rose. We spent the preceding few days desperately trying to find a mooring with road access and where we could get MR's bows level with the shore and close in (ie no gang plank). We finally achieved this outside the Ferryboat Inn at Holywell - although only in one specific spot along the mooring as the rest wasn't deep enough to get right into the bank.
We really needn't have stressed so much because, as usual, I had underestimated her physical abilities and she jumped on board like a good  'un!!!!
Holywell is very pretty and made a perfect start to our cruise into St Ives and back with only the one lock. My Mum has a family reputation for not being much of a "sailor" - the story goes that Dad had to feed her anti sea sick tablets before taking her on a boating lake - but she thoroughly enjoyed herself and the only bit she didn't like was the lock. Sally stayed up front with her for reassurance and it was very nice to see Sally sitting down and relaxing FOR A CHANGE. Sal bought food parcels from her amazing veggie garden (I'm beginning to think that a new law should be passed; anyone visiting people on boats must take food parcels).
The only shadow on the day was the abusive fisherman who took exception to us mooring on the mooring when we returned our visitors to Holywell!
Mum's day was rounded off by a visit to Ely Cathedral on the way home - she slept well that night and has dined out on her adventures ever since.
Thank you Pete and Sally


  1. I thought it was a law already?


  2. Hi Amanda,
    Absolutely, and ignorance is no defense either.
    I darn't ask how you Hols went or were you not affected by the restrictions?