Tuesday, 27 July 2010


It was such a beautiful day and, knowing the boat would be full of Grand Prix practice and qualifying, I took the dogs off in search of the butcher at Brampton who has an excellent range of  'ready' meals.
I'm really off cooking at the moment, but I still want to eat good food.
We moved on and actually managed to find a lovely 'wild camp' all on our ownio,
but, just before 9.00am on Monday morning some noisy buggers came past honking their horns and generally behaving like a load of yobs.......yeah, it was Caxton on their way back from Bedford and with Lesley's nephew, Jack, on board. I ask you, what sort of an example is that to set?
We trundled off in the opposite direction to re-provision the boat at St Neots - sharing a lock with only inches to spare
Literally nipped into St Neots, had a pint and a bite to eat and then invested a few shares in Waitrose before doing an about turn and heading off in search of moorings. Sadly, someone else had spotted our wild camp and we had to continue on through another lock. It was around 7.00pm by the time we moored and G shot out to do a bit of fishing. I'd nodded off, as had our nice (thank goodness) neighbours when G started yelling and hollering for help just after 10.00pm - why go fishing without a landing net to hand? He says it would be tempting fate, I say it's p*** poor planning.

One happy G; one inmpressive pike

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