Friday, 30 July 2010

3 into 1

Pulled pins and, almost immediately, arrived at Hemingford Lock thinking we would have to turn it; look at the lovely sight that greeted me when I hopped off MR
A feast to the eyes - those of you who are not in this neck of the woods will think I've gone mad but, to see a lock full of narrowboats, is a very unusual sight.
We continued on to pull into the Waits at St Ives for water and to re-stock but we had to hold off and hold off and hold off whilst 2 narrowboats took a very long time to reverse out - 40 minutes in all.
Eventually we were able to pull in, but it remained quite busy
One way and another the day ran away with us so we moored on the GOBA moorings by the Pike & Eel; in the next bay were a couple running their generator for a bit - when I went by with the dogs he apologised and explained that they were on their honeymoon and hadn't travelled enough to keep their batteries charged. I can't think how they'd filled their time but we had noticed that the river was quite choppy during the night!
We also met a lovely couple on a cruiser called Kooky Kat and we shared a lock or two with them when we left this morning.
We'd intended to moor at the GOBA moorings across from Aldreth, but the field was full of cattle so we wild camped a bit further on. Caxton was heading for The Lazy Otter and visitors so we intend to catch up with them by Sunday evening and head into Cambridge together next week.

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