Thursday, 15 July 2010

GOBA Moorings on Nobles Field ST Ives

We have been staying in and around St Ives for the past week or so a couple of times on the GOBA mooring on Nobles field which is common land. The first night we stayed we decided to have a meal out and on our return we found a group of young people had set up camp about 20 feet away from the boat, this was no problem until around dusk they decided to light a fire, again no problem except that the fire was set about 10-12 feet from the boat. Now we had a problem, what to do? well a little chat with them ensured that at least one of them would be looking after the fire all of the time it was alight. These youngsters were really very well behaved and polite.
However, on our next visit to Nobles field, another group of youngsters had decided to light a fire, this they did under a tree which had probably not seen rain in the past month or so and they decided that for fuel they would rip down the fence leading to the old Golf Course.
Is this country really in such a state that we cannot find enjoyable things for our youth to do?

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