Friday, 23 July 2010

Hemingford Abbots

These are the rest of the photos from my walk round the Hemingfords

I also found somewhere to tie the dogs in the shade in order to have a quick look around the inside of Houghton Mill The 'curator' offered to keep an eye on them for me


  1. Stayed at Houghton Mill caravan site about 3 years ago for a couple of nights, unfortunatly the mill was closed at the time, so unable to go inside, but was a very pleasent walkabout area with easy fishing about 20 yards from the caravan, must get back there sometime.

    Beardy Chas of Upton fame

  2. Liz & Chas, how about bringing that van down this summer whilst we're fairly close to you - we could make up for this years lost Upton. There are loads of sites next to the river!!!!Love Jill

  3. Love to, but are in process of moving house to Suffolk,also have Alisters wedding in Wales in early August, and then 2 weeks at Upton. So unfortunatly our cup runneth over a little at present, also to top it all, Liz,s mum just diagnosed with Alzheimer's

    Beardy Chas