Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hindsight 'tis a wonderful thing

If (and that's probably the biggest ever word) when we woke up Thursday morning, we were availed of the knowledge that we had by 2.oopm we would have planned our time differently. None the less, we probably ended up in the same place, but a lot later.
After leaving Earith, services seem to disappear! We have long since become accustomed to breaking our rubbish into small bags which can be posted into litter bins. We watered at St Ives, spent a couple of nights at the Hemingfords and then set off, confidently, for Huntingdon and it's water point. Knowing we were heading for water, I put 2 loads of washing through the machine. The water point is shown as being before the 2 bridges- we were then told that it had been moved to the bridge itself - there is water; it's a nicely tapered drinking fountain!
Lesley - NB Caxton - had already warned us that the waterpoint at St Neots had been turned off, although someone else advised us that you could turn the tap on via the gents loo in the priory centre !!
We moored at Godmanchester whilst we thought about it all, knowing we would now be in dire straits for water after 2/3 days.
If these guys are going to open up this ring from Bedford to Milton Keynes and the Grand Union Canal, they are not only going to have to look at the mooring availability, they are going to have to sort out the basic services BIG TIME. It seems that they currently rely on the fact that marina based cruisers will pop back to their marinas for services.
Thanks to Buckden Marina we now have water and are back out in the countryside on a gorgeous GOBA mooring, but we are cruising according to water availability rather than our own schedule.


  1. Shhhh about the tesco plastic bag rubbish, if you get caught popping them into 'litter bins' it is a £250 fine!

    I'll check my log later for water and moorings further on, it isn't easy!

  2. At the risk of getting one of the good guys into trouble, the gentleman in Ely responsible for emptying the litter bins, advised me to tie off black sacks and put them next to the bins and that he would remove them on a daily basis.Jill