Saturday, 31 July 2010

Holme Fen/Setchel Fen

We're back in the flat lands which are a bit dull after the majesty of the big wide river; this is us submerged between the floodbanks:
Mind you, it's beautifully peaceful and, if you look the other way, there are a few cows around to break up the sky line
Funnily enough, Daisy isn't very inspired either - she has spent most of her day asleep on her bed in the well deck; perhaps she's just exhausted from all that mousing on the Pike & Eel moorings.
I did find one tiny patch of colour:
As soon as himself has finished with the Grand Prix tomorrow we shall pull pins moving on to Popes Corner and turning onto the River Cam and pastures new where Caxton can collect us on their way through Monday morning.
(Note to self: Caxton's coming, must get to bed earlier in preparation for those early starts!!)

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