Saturday, 23 January 2010

Water water everwhere and not a drop to drink!

It has been a long while since I blogged, largely because we seem to have had such a poor signal at Great Haywood junction & we were moored there for over a month as, by the time we returned from Christmas in Norfolk, we - like so many others -were well and truly iced in.
A nicer place to be stuck I cannot imagine: 2 pubs, shop, butchers, hairdressers, pet shop and a terrific gang of boaters all in the! Shugborough Hall and Cannock Chase to walk the dogs, even a water point - about 250 yards away and over the bridge across the junction with the Staffs & Worcs. Graham rounded up 8 hose pipes from stranded boaters, plus some from the boat yard and residential moorers and all the connectors we could beg and borrow - it wasn't the fastest flow but we weren't rushing off anywhere and 8 boats had full water tanks by 7.00pm.
We also had a surprise visit from Anne, Chas & Molly from NB More2Life who were stranded in the Marina. Later on we also met the 2 Border Collies (Meg & Lucy) from NB No Problem (Anne was dog sitting. So Lesley (NB Caxton), Anne, 7 dogs & I had some fun walking; the dogs all had a really great time and, I think, Muttley rather enjoyed not being the smallest - that honour went to Molly the Jack Russell (only don't tell Molly).
So, finally, this Tuesday, we were on our way down the Trent & Mersey (Staffs & Worcs plan abandoned), reaching the Mucky Duck before being thwarted, once again, by ice on the Coventry. Friday we were able to move on again, but we gave up and stopped by The Plough at Huddlesford as it had been hammering down with rain all morning. Today we turned onto the B'ham & Fazeley - new territory for us and, if signal continues, I will blog regularly again.

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