Friday, 29 January 2010

Day for Cloudscapes

I had very little sleep last night, the rain was lashing down on the roof, but woke this am to a cold, bright, blustery day. The big sky & light contrast made me feel quite nostalgic for Norfolk. I took these pics of cloud formations as I walked the boys round Kingsbury Water Park .

The park was lovely, unlike the gravel pits nearer Fazeley these are mature and landscaped wetlands. Fantastic bird life.

We stayed here today as it seemed to be the easiest place to meet up with some old mates from work. It's a nice spot and it seemed like a good excuse to meet with them for a meal.

Just arrived back from dog walking and finished loading these photos & then it chucked it down with snow. The moon is full with a very, very, bright star near by. The canal is freezing over again and we are very short of basics like eggs and milk - the landlord here posted our letters for us today and said not to worry because they would fetch any shopping we needed. They are very sweet, but I really would love to move on tomorrow. Dying to get into gas street, Dougie & James from NB Spirit spent two weeks there. Hi guys, love to Oscar.


  1. Nice pics glad to see you are regularly blogging again..

  2. Thank you. It's no effort when you have a consistently good signal and no neighbours dragging you out for 10 hour walks and demanding cups of tea and insisting you keep going into pubs! We're iced in again this morning