Saturday, 23 January 2010

Making the most of our "captivity"

Knowing that we were going to be"stuck" for some time, and still having the car with us from Xmas, Graham took the opportunity of getting the materials he needed to fashion some top boxes for Matilda Rose. We were both fed up with the unsightly mess on the roof and the ugly car top box. The latter of which has to be emptied onto the towpath, lifted off the roof, trotted through bridge holes, re-loaded & re-packed every time we come to a low bridge - way too reminiscent of the Beverly Hillbillies.
A very good job he has done too & many boaters have asked where we purchased them & what they cost, quite a compliment to G's practical skills - so, if any of you want him to make you one, do speak up; I hate to see a grown man sitting about enjoying himself and watching sport whilst drinking cider and eating crisps!!!!!
We then advertised, and sold, our old (but perfectly good - didn't fit OUR requirements) boiler and car top box with rails on E-bay. More space for us and not something we can normally do as "buyer collects" has to "find" a constantly moving Matilda Rose target.
Lesley and I both managed to get the village hairdresser to "dry" cut our hair for £10 (we were beginning to look a little like Shetland ponies - well, Lesley was; although being a little taller, I would describe myself as more of an Exmoor pony). A sudden thought has just ocurred to me Shetlands are very stable (no pun intended) as they have a lower centre of gravity, although are renouned for being quite bad tempered at times.
Further advantages of being stuck are finding a lovely friendly village pub with lot of real ales and paying enough visits to try them all.
I also made time to rummage in cupboards and remove some clothes and books to a charity shop in Stafford although I still haven't found an acceptable way to part with high heeled Jane Stilton boots (hardly worn) or a Radley (brand new) handbag. Anyone want to swap them for Berghaus boots, a rucksack and waterproofs - throw in a wheelbarrow on skis and it's a done deal.

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