Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bodymoor Heath

Pulled pins this morning (only just; another 45 seconds and it would have been this afternoon) & ambled off through 3 locks, having stopped for water, before mooring up at the Dog & Doublet. I walked it yesterday in an hour - it took us over 2 hours by boat. There again, apart from stopping for water, we also stopped for a long natter with some really nice people.

I like these locks - they have a proper plank attached and a safety rail, although it does make them quite heavy, especially as they are single gates. The only other place that I've seen single gates is on the South Oxford and those were done to save money.

This pile of wood is on a farm on the other side of the cut - I might just have a word with the farmer tomorrow as we are completely out of wood now.We spotted some good wood today but, as is so often the case, the cut was too shallow to get the boat in.

G trying to make my glasses fit!!!! I think he was on his second pint at this stage.

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