Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Solitary wanderings

I wandered back towards Fazeley Junction today in search of a pint of milk and a bit of green stuff. Not a Labrador in sight as I walked, only 2 Yorkshire Terriers with a lot of aggression between them - very odd.

Past the mini, castellated, spiral stepped footbridge and the many old converted mill buildings which look fantastic but don't photo well.

In a strangely nothing-ish sort of area, I found a tiny Tesco, post office, fish & chip shop, chemist, two Chinese take-aways and a Chinese restaurant, two Indian restaurants and a Bangladeshi take-away! All in the space of around 100 yards. Isn't it typical that I find these when everyone else has gone. Food is a social pleasure, not a solitary one - years of travelling on my own before I married taught me this.

On a completely different note, spring must be just around the corner as BW are chopping hedgerows before the wildlife starts nesting. Although they are doing a better job of clearing up the blackthorn trimmings behind them than they did on the South Oxford Canal, my return journey still encountered a number of punctured dogs and 'cyclists.


  1. Ahh, bless!!! Are you missing your 'bezzy mate'??
    Never mind, Jill - they will be back with you again before too long!! Hope to catch up with you again sometime in the summer - we will be heading down towards The K & A, planning to set off sometime in march or April. Take care both. xx

  2. Shouldn't you be doing something useful like making roof boxes or something? That is a message from you know who!!

  3. Joe, He has being doing something useful, he's been visiting his mum & planting the car at Braunston.
    Pip, you are right, I am missing my bezzy mate, but don't tell her 'cause she'll just big headed. I am seriously missing my big lolloping Floydy boy