Sunday, 24 January 2010

Our new gold licence has been tracked down!

None of the bridges on this canal are numbered; they all carry individual names which makes them much more personal, but a bit of a b****r to remember for those of us suffering from senior did I say I'd meet him at Drayton Footbridge or was it Drayton Brick Bridge....or was it Fishers Brick Bridge?
They are 'growing' big lakes and water meadows here and a fair amount of bird life has already moved in. I'm sure it will be lovely in a few years, but it doesn't offer a lot for the walker at the moment being, primarily, a vast desolate area of mud.
Daisy has developed a complex about being mistaken for a kitten. She has decided that she is malnourished and has demanded a bigger food bowl (I'm going to need a litter tray the size of a bath tub!).

Our licence expired at the end of December 09 and we applied early December for a gold licence as we are 'doing' the fens this summer, we gave G's daughter's address for delivery as we knew we would see her over xmas/new year. The cheque was cashed on 9th December. Phoned BW in Jan & was told it had been processed on 10th Jan and would be with us shortly. Today I tracked it down in Norfolk. So now it has to go Norfolk to Northampton & then Northampton to a suitable post office - methinks we could be looking dodgy for a week or two yet.
This whole 'address' business is becoming a pain as we can no longer use the one we have been for the last two years. Tomorrow I shall have a word with the company being advertised by River Canal Rescue & see what they can offer.


  1. If you're heading into, or through, Birmingham then please ask if you need advice on where to moor, visit etc. on our home waters.

    If you say when you're climbing the Aston / Farmers Bridge Locks I might even appear with a windlass. You'll see from the comments on Caxton's Blog (and several others) that we're well recommended.

    Be aware that most of the planned lifting of closures for the 6/7 Feb weekend to allow through passage have just been cancelled to allow work to catchup after the recent snow.

  2. Paul,
    Yes, we spotted the closure notices - many thanks & we will shout when we're getting close (you come with very high recommendations). Can't go anywhere for a few days as we have some domestic/admin problems to sort out. I hope we'll meet soon.

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  5. Both of these have come through OK,but will I never know what you said Richard?