Monday, 9 February 2009

Confined to barracks

Forced to sit with my foot up whilst I should be exploring the countryside with my dogs is very frustrating & boring. The dogs were not impressed either so Graham tried to entertain them with a cookery lesson (very nice the curry was too) & I read Baxter a story (although I think he was disappointed that there weren't any pictures).
Decided enough was enough today and managed to find a doctor who would see me. £16.00 in taxi fares (to cover a distance I would normally walk without thinking twice) only to be told to rest it, keep taking the anti-inflamataries (or however you spell it) & the problem was caused because I walk too much!!! Much piss taking going on from Caxton' s crew who have decided we shall move on tomorrow (weather permitting), I don't know which is amusing them most; the thought of my driving or his walking.


  1. Good post - Can still see your lips moving when you read though!

  2. Oi!!!! atleast I don't need a ruler to follow the lines.