Friday, 20 February 2009

Playground in the sun

Caxton, now being back in the marina, have caught up with their car and Lesley very kindly collected Graham and drove him up to Grantham so that he could see his mum and bring our car back (we need to position it at Cropredy for running Muttley to & from vets). He stayed overnight & I woke early Thursday morning to gorgeous sunshine and a peaceful shower (he always seems to wait until I'm in the shower before he starts climbing about on the roof doing makes life on the ocean waves a bit too realistic).
I've always liked this mooring with it's wide tow path & it was no hardship hovering outside in the warm sunshine & nattering to current neighbours whilst waiting for Gosty Hill to deliver coal and diesel.
Gosty hadn't even tied up along side before Daisy spotted this lovely new adventure playground. Never as much as a, "please" or, "may I?" to their indignant Jack Russell-she just jumped ship and helped herself. He was so dumbfounded by her audacity that he could only bring himself to bristle with indignation.

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