Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The first sounds of spring

We spent the weekend at that lovely spot & they all went off for a pint & a spot of geo-caching on Saturday & much industrious wood sorting on Sunday, whilst I hobbled around ineffectually & made cups of tea & soup. I am so fed up with this foot which is not getting any better (although I suppose we could have reversed MR back to the pub!).

At least they wore the dogs out for me.

Here comes MR round the ridiculous turn at Hawkesbury junction from the Coventry onto the Oxford. Given this was the first pub in my walking distance for over a week I jumped ship, did the stop lock & disappeared into the Greyhound to order the beers; rudely leaving the others to moor up further on. We had a really nice lunch there & set off towards Stretton & Brinklow today after a very leisurely start.
Travelling today I heard the first sounds of spring. Fellow bloggers have been photoing the first sights of spring: snowdrops, lambs, even daffodils, but today I heard the first sounds. No, not a cuckoo, "slow down," "look at your bow wave," "tiller the other way", "reverse it off". Yep. The sounds of spring - the hire boats are back & my man's blood pressure is rising along with the sap.


  1. Hi Jill and Graham
    We thought that we might finally catch up with you together with Joe and Lesley in the next few days but looks like you have gone into Brinklow Marina. We are currently at Newbold and in the area until next week before heading north.
    Take care
    Nb Gypsy Rover

  2. Just realised where you are, we have our daughter coming for the weekend so wont be heading north until Thursday now, we will keep a look out if you are still around.

  3. We shall be heading South Wednesday, so have that kettle on standby!