Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Little bloggers everywhere!

Left a day earlier than intended & suddenly realised that the NB we were passing was Dot & Derek on Gypsy Rover. Graham feasted on their blog vicariously whilst we were trying to sell the business and buy a boat. They shouted that they were winding & would be back shortly, so we stopped for water after Newbold Tunnel & they pulled up within a few minutes. Derek makes an excellent cuppa (for a New Zealander).
We stopped & nattered & nattered & nattered, & after 1hr and 45mins we realised that we were running out of day, they were heading for Tesco & we still had a fair distance to go to get to our country mooring, so left somewhat reluctantly - hope we catch them again with more time before they return to New Zealand. Here they are following us down over the aquaduct.

We rounded the bend and there's the cucumber (or is it a gherkin?) - Pickles No 2: gone distinctly green since we met at Foxton over xmas. Lovely to see you again Pete, sorry we couldn't stop there, (KeithPete to you Lesley).

We also passed Les & Valerie - it's all go round here. So quick I couldn't even get off a photo.
Ended up driving the boat today whilst Graham walked the dogs - the irony was I had to drive under the wrecked bridge 80 which I spoof photo'd in connection with my wrecked chimney! Pleased to say I inflicted no further damage, but no one has attempted to fix it either (the bridge not my chimney) since we were last here on 6th December.
The 6th Dec was our first night out travelling with Lesley & Joe on Caxton, we cracked their bottle of champagne on this spot which, I think, was donated by Greygal. Thank you guys for a ton of fun & we have two dogs missing F & F a great deal.

Take care & we'll cruise together again we're sure.


  1. You've done it again - it is PETE and Lisa on Pickles 2, not Keith. Needless to say I envy you both poggling off on the cut while I am at the cottage cleaning bloody cupboards out!
    Take care see you both soon I expect.

  2. He doesn't LOOK like a Pete, that's the problem.