Sunday, 8 February 2009

Complete change of plans (again)

Muttley's ear infection came back again so we took him to a vet, a couple of weeks back, and were told there wasn't too much wrong with him. However, we still had a dog who was clearly being bothered-carrying his head, shaking his ears, scratching, etc. So, the day of the driving snow, we walked a miserable 5 mile round trip to a vet at Burton who wanted to operate. Not as simple as it sounds as both these dogs (& Muttley's brother) got into difficulties under GA when having their pockets emptied last year. Contacted experts (vet friends, previous vets & internet) & decided not to proceed with the op here at unknown vet but we accept that something has to be done. So..we are applying anti-bios & instead of continuing, albeit vaguely, in the general direction of Liverpool, we've hung a left onto the Coventry (at Fradley Junction) to head back to Banbury to entrust Muttley to the ministrations of the trusted vet John at Mansion Hill, Middleton Cheney (who actually listens to you, gives you options in English & doesn't kick off about nomadic boaters). If it does end with an op; we would rather John did it.
Caxton set off from Alrewas on Friday morning & I spent the morning finishing the meal for our friends from Norfolk-praying the weather conditions wouldn't stop them travelling. It didn't! so here are Lesley (yes, another Lesley) & Graham & the lovely Bonnie! These are guys we first met whilst caravanning in Norfolk & a gang of us meet each year now & incorporate a bit of Broads sailing on their boat, "Poppy" when the weather permits each May. Due to circumstances outside of their control, this is the first time they've been able to see Matilda Rose - I think Lesley quite liked my Wendy House! It was so good to see them.
Heard a bit of low level ice breaking going on on Saturday before we left and yes, it was these swans, consistently going back & forth and breaking chanels with their chests-I've never seen them do this before.
Graham has had a rotten cold & I seem to have done something to my foot in the last day or two so setting off to catch up with Caxton we weren't at our finest! I took some pain killers and decided my foot was better, so headed off along the towpath with the dogs. I began to think I wouldn't make the second lock as my foot rapidly deteriorated, so I ended up back on the boat & NB Caxton's Lesley walked down & helped Graham work the 3 locks into Fradley (thank you Lesley). I tried to walk on it today, but couldn't even reach the Mucky Duck; I'm fed up now.


  1. Sounds like it's not just Muttley in need of medical attention!

  2. No SWMBO went to Docs this afternoon, £16 in taxis to be told she walks too much!

  3. poor you! Sounds horrid. I hope it gets better soon!