Friday, 7 March 2014

Thoughts on leaving

As I walked from Cosgrove to, one of my most favourite moorings, Great Linford in the sunshine today I was pontificating about various aspects of our forthcoming adventure.

For the last 6 months we seem to have done nothing but say goodbye to people we have become extremely fond of and, although I will see them again at some stage; in Europe there is going to be no chance of any kind of encounter with even a vaguely familiar face.
When we moved onto the canal system 6 years ago we knew no-one, but the thought of that bothered us not one jot as we were both heartily sick of people (having had shops for the previous 10 years). Once out on the waterways though, we de-frosted, met some very special people and others that became passing acquaintances whose company we enjoyed when we had the chance - whenever a boat passes us in the winter we look to see who it is and if it's anyone we know; it often is. Over time it has become 'normal' to wave happily to someone you chatted with in the pub, shared a lock, or exchanged a bit of banter with at a waterpoint.

So we start again now with a blank sheet - I wonder what characters await us.

This first photo is for Alistair; I had to go and check before we left this morning to make sure the pony hadn't sunk in the mud standing up (see yesterday's blog), thankfully it hadn't!
 More pictures from the aqueduct; because I could and the sun was shining enthusiastically
 making everything look so pretty

 onward then through Wolverton and passed the 'muriels'; we'd intended to stop for Morrison/Tesco but I was having far too nice a day to want to face the traffic and madding crowds of a supermarket on a sunny Friday, so I mentally revised my menu plans and 'phoned back to MR to say I'd carried on
 Over the A5 aqueduct - everything rushing along underneath
 and just when you think you're into solid housing you're back into open country
 G picked Baxter up at bridge 75 after about an hour and a half - he did well today; the Metacam seems to be helping him
 Hurrah - our favourite mooring is free and the sun is shining -- this requires roly polys


 ...and rock climbing

 now there's a host of golden daffodils if ever I saw one


  1. I'm so relieved that the pony was lying down on your earlier photo!

    Your European Venture will I'm sure be fantastic and you won't be lonely as you have each other and your 4-legged friends. You will also have your blog followers following your every move!


    1. So am I Alistair; I didn't get a wink of sleep worrying about whether the boswains chair would be up to lifting the pony out!
      Now are you saying that, in order to avoid loneliness, I'll have to speak to Graham?

  2. A tad unfair of you to call Graham a 'Roly Poly'... LOL
    I thought he 's doing great at his weight loss program :)

    1. Maybe a little unfair, but wrapped in suet pastry and strawberry jam down his trousers?

  3. One of our favourite moorings as well! I hope we manage to bump into you on our way up and your way down.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. Let's make sure it happens - will you becoming this way at speed?
      We'll be heading South at the rate of about 5 hours a week!
      A bite out somewhere would be great - oh no; not more goodbyes!

    2. Well we've only actually met once so we will still be at the 'hello' stage :-)
      We are spending a week in London then plan to be at Marsworth on the evening of 24th. Need to be in MK by 27th

    3. But as soon as you say hello again it leads to a goodbye!!!
      I'm sure we can be in Marsworth by the 24th. Let's see how it pans out