Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Spring has sprung

What a glorious day and, at last, we were free to move on. We reversed back to the waterpoint and, after walking up with the rubbish, I left G to it and set off towards Cosgrove with the dogs.
Leaving this wood in situ brought tears to my eyes, but there was no way we could get in to that side.
 It wasn't long before G caught me up although the going on the towing path was surprisingly good
 After an hour Baxter had had enough so we hitched a lift and waved to (a lonely looking) Briar Rose as we went passed the marina
 No stopping at The Navigation for us today as G is on a 'fast' day
 and on into Cosgrove - I can never resist (yet) another photo of this glorious bridge
 Baxter is being particularly clingy with G at the moment
 We moored between the lock and the aqueduct - plenty of room although very busy with dog walkers
 although you wouldn't think so the way Daisy was rolling around with gay abandon!
 Like the rest of us she so does enjoy the sunshine
 After lunch Muttley and I set off for a walk - it was way too nice to be in, but Baxter had done enough for one day. These guys didn't look too worried about the state of their field
 but this little chap was in the same field and looks like one of those pitiful charity adverts

 This is different
 The first I've seen this year (except in buckets in florists).


  1. Was the horse lying down, or had it sunk standing?

    Lovely to see Daisy enjoying the sun!


  2. Alistair you've worried me now - I hope it hadn't sunk, it's difficult to tell when I looked at the photo again!
    Daisy should enjoy the Canal du Midi being such a sun worshipper