Sunday, 9 March 2014

Just loving it

If ever Milton Keynes needs an ambassador; then I volunteer. I always wax lyrical when we come to this area but it is amazing. Set off on foot and you can follow a myriad of paved footpaths and parks - just when you think you are approaching a road, and go to put the dogs on a lead, then another pathway appears. I could happily stay here for weeks and it's not often I say that - I'm usually ready to move on after a couple of days
 With this glorious weather all doors, windows and side hatches are open - the boys can't decide whether they want to be in or out. In the end they settle for the well deck step, retaining the right to mug passing walkers outside for cuddles and the odd biscuit if they're lucky
 Our view from the side hatch to the pub
Our view from the pub to our side hatch
 The dog friendly Nags Head pub
I guess we'll have to move on but it seems a shame

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