Saturday, 1 March 2014

'Moor' disappointment - not the blog I'd intended

I had no intention of bringing up the Stoke Bruerne mooring situation again but, given that a fellow blogger had stated that there were a lot more boats moored despite the 2 day rule, I thought I'd wander up for my dog walk and see who we knew. It was 1.30 pm on a beautifully warm, sunny Saturday

Moored, as we are, right down the bottom of the flight I will start at the bottom here. This is us on the 2 day with the Cosgrove day boat pulled in: 1 boat behind them on the start of the 14 days.
 Moving up 5 locks onto the long pound on the 7 day we have NB Thomas and right up in the far distance are 2 more boats on the 2 day. This area now has a sign right at the bottom of the post saying 14 days Nov-Mar but it is not commonly known 
 It's a big space - you can just make them out
 Now in SB itself above the top lock you will find the cheese boat half on and half off the disabled moorings - large space (about 2 moorings) and then these 3 boats together; Teggs Nose, Snowdrop and Pengalanty
 With my back to Pengalanty and pointing, still, to the tunnel; nothing
 until I come to Still Water - and from Still Water there is one more in the distance; Etheldollydootoo (or toodoo)
 here it is coming up now - the last here
 and, finally, the gap between Ethelwotsit and the tunnel

It shouldn't be like this on a sunny week end, if this is "a lot more boats mooring in Stoke Bruerne" then heaven help what it's like normally.

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