Friday, 28 March 2014

Herbie aims for bridge 118

Having exchanged numerous texts with Kath on NB Herbie I was tasked with walking across the fields to check out the Carpenters Arms at Slapton for a potential dinner out together on Tuesday evening. It was a tough job but someone had to do it and  G couldn't as he was on a fast day it being Monday.

I reported back that all looked fine and the walk back in the dark should all be OK with torches. However, it rained heavily overnight and the following morning, so G and I walked over to check out the going; it wasn't good. So when Neil and Kath turned up in time for coffee and cake we discussed our options. I was more than happy to knock up some supper and G some pudding (rather than have a grim slippery walk home in the dark), but we had no beer on board only a couple of bottles of wine. Herbie had stocked up at the Tring Brewery and bought the cook round their flagon whilst they  went home for showers. We started the engine and tried to make a break with the beer but they heard us and came a running!
We had a brilliant evening - they are such good company - and, in our defence, the beer was 'only' a session beer and the bottle of Jim Beam wasn't full when we started (hick!).
 The evening lasted long enough to see in my 60th birthday - boating bloggers are just incorrigible; give them food, beer and musical instruments and they think they are twenty years old again
I think Neil had been fishing recently
After goodbyes and a very late start we heard the approach of a boat and dropped everything to pair up with NB Peggoty up the 9 locks to Marsworth whilst they waited for us - G didn't even have time to put socks on and my hair was dripping - somewhere around the 7th lock the sky went black and it snowed and then hailed with the temperature dropping horrendously.
 A pint and a bite at the Anglers Retreat restored our frozen sense of humour and, after an early night, we headed off towards Bulbourne on Thursday morning after a quick trip into the village to the post box.
 Marsworth Church
 Billy no mates all the way up to the summit - not even the boys with me for the latter part of the cruise.
 Baxter had done his daily quota and Muttley was limping badly - far worse after playing bundles with a Collie puppy, so he had to be put back on board too
 and, again it rained and hailed on us - but at least we were dressed this time!

 a last minute decision at the top to take up the welcome and hang a right down the Wendover Arm for a bit of peace and quiet for a couple of nights

 One industrial unit
 a couple of bungalows, then nothing but fields and sheep
Nice little mooring at the terminus
 Nothing but sheep on the horizon


  1. Happy birthday Jill, it sounds like you had a good un!!

    1. Thanks Carol; I think I was 'done proud'. This is our party season - G's 60th next.