Monday, 10 March 2014

All good things ... and a dog friendly pub update

Sadly our time at Great Linford was up so, after one last walk and a quick trip to the co-op, we reluctantly pulled pins at mid-day
 Such a shame, as our leaving meant both visitor moorings were empty
 and we all enjoyed staying there
 Baxter had a last paddle
 We stopped after half an hour for water and had to join the queue. There is very little pressure at this waterpoint and a widebeam had taken 3 hours to fill which caused a bit of a back log. Particularly as there were quite a few boats on the move today
So here we are at a very busy and quite noisy Campbell Park. The trouble is that as one boat turns off it's generator/engine, someone else comes home and starts theirs. Never mind, there is still loads of mud free walking: just a lot more people around
A 'phone call from G's daughter today to say that the Boatswain's chairs have arrived from Wendie (daughter of Sue, No Problem); only seen them on facetime so far, but they look sensational - I can't believe she managed to manufacture something that amazing from our old bit of sheet that we sent through as a guide. Can't wait to try them on when we get them Wednesday - pictures will, of course, follow. We will need another aqueduct to try them out!!!
Before I go tonight, just a quick update to the pubs that take dogs between Stoke Bruerne and Milton Keynes, as we have noticed a number of changes since we were last through this way. At this point I must make a disclaimer as - believe it or not - we haven't actually been in many of them so I am relying on local info or signs outside
  • Stoke Bruerne; The Boat Inn, still is
  • Ashton; The Old Crown, Fabulous slightly upmarket food too
  • Yardley Gobion, The Coffee Pot
  • Thrupp Wharf, The Navigation - new owners and been spruced up but still dog friendly
  • Cosgrove, The Barley Mow - new owners are now dog friendly (hurrah!)
  • Stony Stratford; The Old George Inn and The Fox and Hounds - there may be others
  • Old Wolverton; The Galleon Inn, change of owners and/or policy now dog friendly
  • New Bradwell; The New Inn I don't know whether it does or not
  • Milton Keynes canalside; The Black Horse, advertises muddy paws and walking boots welcome
  • Great Linford; The Nags Head
It goes without saying that you need to check for yourselves as policy and owners can change overnight, but this is now a very good area for the dog populace and I must add that, on this trip, we have only been in three of them - honest


  1. We now tend to moor a bit further on round the corner, either just before or just after Br 82. It's away from the residential moorers, so there's less chance of a generator. still great access to Campbell Park etc.

    1. Thanks for that Adam; good shout. We've moved to just before Br 82. We pinched the last space and the other side of 82 only had one space left on the armco right at the very far end - it must be summer!

  2. A good list for our summer planning! many thanks

    1. I hoped it might be of use for dog boating holiday makers - another good one today that I did try out; right in Milton Keynes